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Ceylon Solar Power (Pvt) Ltd

We would like to help you via introducing Solar Power Systems on bearable cost. Solar power is the most practical and definitive way to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Solar power is an investment into your home or business, an investment into your savings and an investment into your future. Invest wisely, with Ceylon Solar Power.

Further more we are well established company in Victoria, Australia and there are thousands of happy customers who are already having the benefits of Solar Power Systems. Join with us to hassle free installation and un-comparable service !

About us

Ceylon Solar Power was established to meet the growing demand for alternative energy sources in Sri Lanka. The founders of Ceylon Solar Power recognize that the future of energy lies in renewable resources which are easily accessible and efficient, such as solar power. Once harnessed, the power of the sun is free. As all Sri Lankans facing major hikes of electricity charges this is the best solution to overcome energy bills and get the maximum benefits from free sun light.

At Ceylon Solar Power we design, supply, install and maintain high quality solar electric (PV) systems for homes and businesses all over the country.

Our mission is to free the public from the soaring costs of electricity bills through utilisation of efficient and cost effective solar power systems.

Here at Ceylon Solar Power we work hard to ensure that we deliver an excellent, personalised and comprehensive service to every customer.

Our company is an excellent choice to serve your solar needs

We have over 10 years of design and installation experience in Australian market.
We are properly licensed and accredited.
We will ensure that you take advantage of all government incentives and rebates.
Our work and solar system performance is guaranteed giving you peace of mind.
We give a free site assessment and quote.
We provide a custom design and competitive pricing.
It’s time to go solar. Going solar is easy with GLS. Call now on 0061 1300 651 902 or 071 8258193 and let our dedicated team show you how.

There thousand of satisfied Australian customers who are saving a lot and getting actual benefits from the sun. So why we are not thinking about it as we have a excellent traditional relationship with sun?

Go for solar with a well establish company who are giving you a comprehensive warranty.

Solar Hot Water

This system consists of solar vacuum tube, water tank, stand

Using solar vacuum tube is very high eficiency

The complete system doesn’t need any power, green and economic

Easy install, easy operation, fashionable

Well wind, snow and hail resistance

72 hours heat preservation

Get installed with world renown brands and qualified installers. 

Genaral Infomation
Business Name
Ceylon Solar Power (Pvt) Ltd
NO. 93/2, Kandy Road, Yakkala.
Contact Details
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Ceylon Solar Power (Pvt) Ltd
Land Phone
0332 232 126  
033 223 90 19  
0766 914 878    
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